Discover Fiji

Discover Fiji

Why Visit Fiji?

One of the most developed countries in the Southe Pacific, yet with only a third of her islands inhabited, Fiji is a unique, English-speaking, destination. The country is able to offer honeymooner the comforts and activities they want - such as upscale resorts, fantastic restaurants and various water sports - without the things they don' bulging crowds and high prices.

They used to practice cannibalism and, more recently, they've been embroiled in bitter ethnic tension, but Fijians are a friendly people. Seriously. Missionary influence has seen the tide of popular opinion turn man-eating; and while the problems between the Indian and native Fijian communities are deep and far from being sorted out, they don't really tend to affect visitors. Fiji is a fascinating destination. Fijians are Melanesians, but their islands were invaded by Polynesians from Samoa and Tonga. Upon European discovery, matters were complicated further, as the British turned it into a colony and brought in thousands of Indians to work on plantations. Fijian cuisine represents the diversity of modern Fiji's demographic makeup, with flavours from India and Europe mixed with the local dishes. This unique cultural fusion gives Fiji an edge over other South Pacific destinations, while it still has all the usual attractions of a tropical island.



Western contact with Fiji was first recorded in 1643, when the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman visited looking for the Great Southern Continent. It wasn't until the 19th century that Europeans settled the islands permanently, bringing them under British control in 1874. The British introduced Indian contract labourers . In 1970 Fiji gained independence although democratic rule has been a somewhat testing experience for Fijians. Several military coups have been staged in the country, primarily because of Indo-Fijian domination of the political landscape. The coups have encouraged large scale emigration among the Indian population. The Fijian Constitution underwent several changes, first institutionalising etchnic Fijian domination of the political system and then reversing it again. In 1997, Mahendra Chaudry, a Fijian Indian came to power before being toppled in another coup instigated by George Speight. Commodore Frank Bainimarama assumed executive power, putting an end to the coup. In 2001, fresh elections were held which were won by Fijian interim Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's party. The military didn't fully withdraw from the political landscape and came back into the fray when in 2005, the Qarase government proposed a Reconciliation and Unity Commission, with power to provide amnesty for the perpetrators of the 2000 coup. Commodore Bainimarama objected heavily to this proposal, causing great tension between the military and government. Eventually, in 2006, Bainimarama orchestrated a coup of his own, overthrowing the Qarase government. Bainimarama restored executive power to President Iloho, who the next day named Bainimarama as interim Prime Minister.


Fiji is an island nation in the Pacific consisting of roughly 300 islands accounting for 18,272 km2 of earth's surface. The two largest islands are Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, both mountainous volcanic islands with peaks up to 1300m in their center. Heavy rainfall is experienced on the southeastern, windward side, resulting in dense tropical forests in those parts.

The other smaller islands only cover 2.5% of the total land area, but are home to roughly 16% of the population. Taveuni and Kadavu are the third and fourth largest islands. Other island groups are the Mamanuca Group, the Yasawa Group, the Lomaiviti Group and the remote Lau Group. Fiji's old capital, Levuka, lies on Ovalau, a rugged island some 20km off the east coast of Viti Levu.


Escape to Paradise

Experience a different and unique side of Fiji! If you are willing to travel off the beaten track and enjoy the unspoiled and mostly undiscovered beauty spots, then Fiji’s outer islands are the perfect place to travel.

A slice of heaven on earth, Fiji’s Hideaways, situated away from the main tourism belt offer the inquisitive visitor a genuine and truly memorable Fiji experience.

Throughout our islands there is a vast selection for the most discerning traveler: resorts and private villas with impeccable service catering to a visitor’s every whim.

The Fiji Islands are tailor made for relaxed adventure. The islands boast miles and miles of extreme pristine beauty and are a nature lover’s delight. At the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji is the exotic melting pot of cultures of Fijian, Indian, Chinese, South Sea Islanders and European settlers.

Fiji’s Hideaways are for honeymooners, divers, backpackers, families, nature-lovers, independent travelers and tour groups. In fact anyone with the spirit of adventure and curiosity.


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